Adapt™ is a member of the Sizewise Envy Line™, the industry’s first mattress systems featuring F3 Free™ construction that reduces chemicals of concern in the fabric, foam, and fire barrier.

Adapt is designed to accommodate diverse patient body types and weights. The high density tri-laminate foam core has a surface modified top layer for enhanced breathability; the sloped heel zone reduces heel pressure by off-loading weight further up the leg while the die cut compresses to adjust its length to the extendable foot section of the bed frame.

The top cover is available in either navy blue nylon or the choice of green or blue four-way stretch fabric. All fabric options are vapor permeable, low friction, anti-shear, and meet the Practice Greenhealth Environmental Specifications for Healthcare Support Surfaces. The fire barrier is also halogen and fiberglass free.

Product Details

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.; Sleep Surface Width: 35"; Sleep Surface Length Extendable: 80" to 86"
Pressure Ulcer Prevention